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About us

The Catholic University of Sacred Heart is a cultural Association from Milan’s Catholic University, founded by Chinese-Italian students with the aim to be a bridge between China-Italy relations. Our mission is to build a big community of people interested in China and its millenary culture.

We ought to spread our culture in order to highlight it, express it, and compare it with others. We believe that beauty consists of diversity, just as the chemistry of different perspectives, which can bring us to greater social progress and moral awareness.

The association was founded in 2018 by Luisa Chen, Qiang Werry Xu, and Yimi Yang. They created a community where Chinese students of Catholic University can find support, and most of all, a second family.

Through the years, CCSA built a bigger network with the other associations in Milan – such as BCSA (Bocconi Vhinese Students Association) or ICPN (Italian Chinese Professional Network) ‘ while spreading the Chinese culture.

CCSA also worked hard to help the Chinese and the Italian community during the pandemic: alongside other associations, we raised more than €16,000 to help WuHan and the Italian Civil Protection and created multiple campaigns against the hate that the Asian community experienced since the beginning of the pandemic.

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