Cattolica Chinese Students Association - The Pig's Year

The Pig: the animal that closes the Chinese Zodiac cycle

2019 is going to be the Pig’s Year, the animal that closes the Chinese Zodiac’s cycle. The cycle lasts 12 years with 12 animals, each assigned to a year.

The Pig is the last animal of the zodiac. According to the legend, the Jade Emperor held a competition to decide which creatures of the animal world were going to be part in the zodiac cycle. Each animals had to run through a very hard and long road. The Pig was the last to cross the finish line, which confessed that it had stopped along the way to eat and take a nap.

People who were born during the Pig’s year are diligent, compassionate and generous. They are gifted with strong concentration and determination. Moreover, they can stay calm while facing hardships and are very responsible of their own actions. During their zodiac year, people use to wear red clothes, accessories and even underwear to bring themselves good luck.

Written by Nicole Scopel
Translated in English by Yao Ling