Cattolica Chinese Students Association - Inauguration

CCSA’s Inauguration

The first event of the association

On 6th December, the Chinese Cultural Centre was coloured with blue and yellow: they are CCSA’s colours and thanks to the help of students and people who believed in this association, CCSA is waiting to be inaugurated.

At 7.00 pm, the main room started to be crowded with guests of all ages. Besides Cattolica’s students of Milan, there were also students who came from Bocconi University, Bicocca University, Statale University and Politecnico University.

Putting aside the music and the fun, guests could take part in different activities which were organised with the aim to create a bridge between China and Italy, as said by the President Luisa Chen. We showed some fragments which were for centuries, customs and tradition of the Chinese community. There were activities such as 汤圆(TāngYuán), 脸谱(LiǎnPǔ), 剪纸(JiǎnZhǐ) and 书法(ShūFǎ).

The event was born with the idea to contrast commonplaces which are already too far from the Chinese guys of second generation.

Stereotypes such as poor integration of the Chinese community and as regards this question, the presenter Gigi Yang said: “To the question which I was asked by a university colleague, «Do you feel more Italian or more Chinese?» I always answered «Half and half» but now I’m sure of another thing: I feel completely Italian and completely Chinese.”

CCSA will cherish of this success, almost unexpected.

President Luisa Chen and the vice president Qiang Werry are very proud, honoured and infinitely grateful to represent all those who work hard and aren’t afraid to dream big.

Written by Yuan Lucy Lu
Translated in English by Yao Ling


Gigi Yang e Martina Wu








Vice Qiang Werry Xu e President Luisa Chen