CCSA’s Inauguration

On 6th December 2018, thanks to the students and all the people who believed in us, the CCSA was inaugurated at the Chinese Cultural Centre (CCC). At 7pm, the hall was already crowded by people of all ages. There were journalists, representatives of other associations and students not only from the Catholic University, but even from Bocconi, Bicocca, Statale and Politecnico Universities of Milan.

There were many activities, such as the cooking of 汤圆 TāngYuán, the creation of masks 脸谱 LiǎnPǔ, the art of paper-cutting 剪纸 JiǎnZhǐ and calligraphy 书法 ShūFǎ, which created a bridge between China and the foreign countries because people could learn more about our millenarian culture.

The event was a big success and the CCSA is proud and infinitely grateful to all the people who worked hard for it.

Whenever people ask me if I feel more Chinese, or more Italian, I always reply with: “I feel completely Chinese, and completely Italian”

Gigi Yang

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